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1 week ago

Totally Tottington

Just been asked this question: "With Tottington's Big Day Out at the weekend, do people remember the Totty Gala and does anyone have any old photos?" ...


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I used to go and it was always in bury times the week after .try then x

I remember it, but no photos, sorry xx

The best pony rides courtesy of Judith Fairclough. The last one I went to was in 2001, on Towns Meadow. A rare village occasion

I remember my mum doing a split shift (she was a nurse) and competing in the tug of war in her uniform before going back to work! Shame no pictures! Ha xx

I remember Totty Show !

I’ve just searched on Bury Olden Days and Mick the owner says check on you tube under Bury Olden Days and he’s put photos on there .

Wow! You mean it doesn't exist anymore? I had no idea!

I spent more than my pocket money trying to win a bottle of Pomagne.... you know.. for down 't lines...

Totty gala was class loved that as a kid x

Used to have tug of war,guess the weight of a sheep and even one year we borrowed a van from vantage garage to see who could pull it quickest over a set course

I remember the fair on Totty Meadows,bathing a baby and getting electric shock,doubt if it would be allowed today lol

What about the jousting, does anyone remember?

Best days ever totty gala was needs bringing back or sumit on totty meadow should have totty big day out on their

To right it was mint!!!

Classic village fete

I recorded ‘Well Said That Man’ on my cassette player 🤣🤣

Remember going once in the 70's and met Red Rum 😁

Totty Park Gala Was Quality

Quads one year and RC cars the next

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3 weeks ago

Totally Tottington

Totally Tottington is getting excited about this year's Big Day Out! 6 bands are confirmed, loads of stalls, beer, BBQ, (sunshine?), activities for all ages. What is there not to like!?! Massive thanks to our wonderful sponsors too. See you on the 7th July.The full line-up for TBDO19 is now on our website

12 days to go!! Excited?!?

Totally Tottington is getting excited about this years Big Day Out! 6 bands are confirmed, loads of stalls, beer, BBQ, (sunshine?), activities for all ages. What is there not to like!?! Massive thanks to our wonderful sponsors too. See you on the 7th July.


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Well done Tottington fantastic afternoon 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Fantastic organisation and we'll done to everyone who went too. You couldn't tell over 5000 people had been to an event at the end of our street. No rubbish left, no trouble and nothing vandalised. Absolutely brilliant. Well done and a massive thank you to all xxx

Brilliant well done tottington 👏👏👏👏

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4 weeks ago

Totally Tottington

Tottington Holiday Playscheme committee are regretfully unable to provide a Playscheme this year due to several reasons including building work on the school premises over the summer holidays.
The committee have looked into hiring other venues in Tottington, but have found none that are available and suitable, with an inside and outside area.
Due to the short time now available before the usual start of the Scheme at the end of July it would be helpful if you can share this information with other parents so they can try to find alternatives.
To all who have attended or helped at the Scheme for the last 40+ years the committee thank you and hope to be back and able to run a Scheme in Summer 2020.


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I currently have a few vacancies for Under 5’s and before & after school care for Elton / Guardian Angels from Mid August / September. Also holiday club places from mid August . Please contact me for further details

We are up and running in Tottington High School we have full use of the sports hall, gymnasium and hall. The only work being carried out is in some of the corridors and classrooms. But the multi sports camp is definitely happening and we have bookings coming though now.

I'm so sorry you aren't able to run this year! 😥 If any parents are looking for an alternate PQA Bury are running a 5 day Musical Theatre course. Please call 07492092672 for more information.

To clarify the situation, the Scheme normally runs in Laurel Play Centre and Tottington High School (Lofthouse and Sports hall). We are unable to access any part of the school or Play Centre this year.

oh we will miss you this year ..... we’ve been attending for over a decade with my sons @ various stages, highly recommend you 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We are running at Radcliffe Primary, Chesham Primary and. Nuttall Park throughout the summer. OFSTED registered ✅ Qualified coaches ✅ Fully insured ✅ Lots of fun ✅✅✅✅✅✅

Looking forward to being back with you in 2020 Brenda xx

We have spaces at our sports camps at Elton high school for all 6 weeks and you can try a day for £7.50 First Football Coaching Academy

There is one running at Greenhill Primary School school on mile lane if anyone is struggling. Search club tekkerz - highly recommend.

GO4IT Sports run holiday clubs in the holidays at lowercroft primary. My kids love it!

Jack & Amy are going to one at Tottington high. Is this the Totti primary? Xxx

Samantha Burns xx

Emma Stanniland Luxton Heidi Seddon

Andrea Lynette-Young

Buddy's for Children With Autism have space to rent 🤷🏼‍♀️

Louise 😢

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