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21 hours ago

Totally Tottington

We are now taking bookings now for this year's summer festivals. Here are the dates for the bigger ones:

Wychwood Music Festival 2019
Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June 2019

Download Festival 2019
Friday 14th to Sunday 16th June 2019

Glastonbury Festival 2019
Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th June 2019

Latitude 2019
Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st July 2019

Kendal Calling 2019
Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th July 2019

The Green Man Festival 2019
Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th August 2019

Creamfields 2019
Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th August 2019

Leeds Festival 2019
Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th August 2019

Fleetwood Folk and Blues Weekend 2019
Thursday 29th August to Sunday 1st September 2019

So if you fancy arriving at a festival in style, book with Prestige Motorhomes 4 Hire via our website at

You'll be glad you did.

5 days ago

Totally Tottington

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1 week ago

Totally Tottington

Karla Morris says
Hi, I would love to know if anyone has any history about the houses down Teddyacre off Cann st in Tottington please.


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I knew someone who lived there.

Are you any relative to Helga and Gordon Morris who lived at no 2 Teddyacre?

There was a really great guy that lived down there. Hey, I still do.

Teddyacre cottage was renovated by my father in law in the early 1980s

I used to live there what was it you wanted to know?

Becky Stuttard would your mum know? xx

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1 week ago

Totally Tottington

Lydia Kavanagh says:
I have a bee’s nest above my bedroom window .Does anybody know someone who can remove it


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My granddaughter has them in the space above her window, she is in a student house, on her own, as her house mates have gone home for the summer, ( she has to stay to work) they are driving her bonkers in the night buzzing like crazy also they are eating the wall( they are called masonry bees and unless moved will cause structural damage, she has told the landlord who isn't doing anything at the moment, she is moving out in July, if he doesn't do something soon it will be a massive job, but apart from the noise they aren't worrying her, just distracting when you have essays to do.

Bees have made a nest in the bird box on my garage wall. I just love watching them coming and going from my kitchen window. They are not doing anyone any harm and they will go when they are ready to.

You need a beekeeper who will come and remove them, www.beekeepers/swarm n your local beekeepers will pop up

Just take a spade to it; a couple of swift sharp thwacks should see the job done. Failing that, light a copy of the Daily Sport underneath the nest and smoke them out. Make sure you have your runner’s on though as they can get pretty nasty if threatened. Hope that helps

if you have a photo of the bees my sons a bee keeper and has been to houses this week and explained what bees they have. 2 where bumblebees and one where honey. feel free to pm me and my son will always come around and give free advise. Lee Steven Allan Fairhurst

Winnie the Pooh will

Are they bumble bee looking? If so can u leave them as they will die off June, Julyish? If no issues then keep an eye on where they t entering & once gone seal any entrance holes. 😃

If there are no bees we have no crop pollination and basically we will all starve. Please leave them alone or ask a bee keeper to remove them safely. Please don’t destroy them

Bees are protected they wont remove them, they will go away soon enough or some a bee keeper may come and get them

Leave it where it is if you can.

A bee keeper should move it for you but they will possibly charge.

Me too. They appear to have a nest in my soffits 🙄

We had one last year. Just leave it and they will go,away.

The council will.

Fred Bees

I had this 2 years ago.council woukd not move them.they were there bout 3 months.then went.wen they go seal the hole up.or thell b bak next year

No one will move them, they will move away themselves soon, I had the same problem

Look on bury council web page there's pest control on there. Also just because it's removed doesn't mean it will be destroyed, a good service can relocate bees nests......before everyone kicking off...

Bury Council will do it for you for s cost , i believe

Leave them alone. They dont do humans any harm.

Peter Mather do you know anyone please? Thanks


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