About Totally Tottington

Your local business and community directory website

You can probably think of a few online directories that you could use if you wanted to find local services, tradespeople and places to go.

However, Totally Tottington is different enough from the rest and unique to our lovely village because it is a truly local directory which aims to not only provide you with access to local services, tradespeople and places to go, but also gives you an opportunity to connect with the local community: schools, clubs & societies, churches, leisure activities, childcare, and transport links.

You can also use Totally Tottington to find out about events in the village that you might be interested in.

There is also the chance to learn about the history of this wonderful village, and take a look at what life was like for villagers in a bygone era.

From a tiny acorn…

Admittedly, this directory is still in its infancy. As such it will become more useful when its pages are populated with listings from the businesses and the community it seeks to serve. That is why advertising on these webpages is FREE for everyone.

So, if you own a business, or if you help run a charity, or if you are part of a community-based organisation, please send me information that you would like advertising on here.

If you aleady have an advert on a leaflet, a flyer, a business card, a poster, a website, in the Tottington & Greenmount directory, in the Bury Times, in a church newsletter, on a school noticeboard, in the library, or anywhere else, PLEASE send it to me either by email, by phone or by post.

Matt Rigby РMay 2015